New series of Rotterdam pioneers!

To fully grasp the innovative powers of Rotterdam one has to include our artists. While the startup scene aims for acceleration, the art scene adds depth; we urgently need this. New technology is not only enabling new levels of efficiency, but also taking over human roles, changing social structures and interfering with what used to be natural.

Starting today we will publish two in depth interviews a week. On top of that several moves will be made including humanizing smart innovation labs with Livework, exploring code-human relationships from pioneer, science and business perspectives with Venture Café and Rotterdam School of Management,  intruding SXSW thanks to KPN New Business and StartUpDelta.

In our series on Next Economy pioneers we are now about to dive into it:

Teun Vonk
a.k.a. Studio Tony Spark uses the artistic space to examine how technology can push human boundaries – both physically and mentally. His research object? His own body.

Jonas Vorwerk
uses lights, sounds and interaction to get masses of people interacting in public space, from Rotterdam to (later this week) Abu Dhabi.

Ermi van Oers’ Living Light
started with arts, engaged science and is now an enterprise that harvests energy from living plants and showcases it with great designs.

Rnul Interactive
launches at least three innovations a year and is not interested in scaling at all. They experiment on a fine line between arts and business.

Geert Mul
has been using algorithms for decision making since the early nineties. To the world he is very inspiring and successful artist, to us a key expert as well.

Michel van Dartel
is the director of art-tech institute V2_, a lector at Avans and a great expert on the relation between humans and smart technology.